Informer - Sezonul 1 Episodul 2


Sursele OPENLOAD, RapidVideo si Verystream sunt picate, SURSA IN CURS DE INLOCUIRE.


Raza takes his first steps as an informant for CTSU. Gabe needs Raza to get closer to Dadir, the brother of Yousef, his missing informant. A nervous Raza struggles with his new role as he befriends and spends time with the unpredictable Dadir and his Bridge Town Crew.Gabe and Holly discover Yousef has been murdered – could ‘Big Shot’ the London contact linked to El Adoua be behind it? The pressure on CTSU to find out whether a London attack is planned mounts and Gabe pushes Raza further to find ‘Big Shot’.But instead of invading Dadir’s life, Raza finds Dadir invading his…

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